The Importance Of Having Sub Floor Ventilation

When moisture gets into crawlspaces and gets trapped it can cause a number of possible damages to the home and the occupants. Some homes that have poor Sub Floor Ventilation will likely show signs of problems, most often a vile stench. Although nasty odor might come from somewhere else, damp subfloors can also contribute to the nasty smell. There’s a number of reasons why homes should always have proper ventilation in their crawlspaces to avoid short and long-term concerns.

Proper Ventilation Aids In Odor Reduction

Odor caused by trapped moisture produces a nasty smell that can penetrate through the floorboards and carpet. The odor can easily fill up a room, making the smell unbearable to some points. The foul smell also permeates from one room to another depending on the severity of the moisture beneath the floor. However, the stench can easily be relieved by ensuring proper ventilation. The installation of properly placed vents will allow air to pass through the subfloor and remove moisture underneath the house. This keeps the subfloor dry and will prevent the cause of nasty odor.

Mould Growth Drops With Ventilation

The combination of damp areas and poor air circulation sets the right conditions for mold growth. Molds often emit a nasty odor, which will be noticeable as they propagate. Over time, molds can cling on wood and cause it to rot. This can weaken the structure of the house when the rotten areas are left untreated. Installing enough vents at either side of a house allows for proper air flow to dry out the ground and other areas where moisture had been held, preventing the growth of mold and fungi.

Proper Ventilation Prevents Floorboards From Warping

Wooden floorboards have one common enemy, and that’s moisture. Wood is sensitive to moisture and will deform once exposed for long periods. The moisture accumulating beneath the floor can easily cause the floor boards to warp, buckle, or even crack. Wooden floors are mostly dried out before installation to retain their form. However, moisture can reshape wood once exposed for too long. But this could be avoided simply by ensuring that Sub Floor Ventilation is properly installed.

Rusting And Stains Will Be Prevented With Proper Venting

Other than warping and other irregularities, poor subfloor ventilation can also cause discoloration on wooden floorboards in the long run. Rusting will also be apparent on areas with nails. This can diminish the floors overall appearance, giving it that old and tarnished look. Rusting will also be hard to remove from wooden floors as the stain seeps through deep into the wood, which will be costly to replace.

Subfloor Ventilation Is A Cost Effective Solution

A damp subfloor can damage the homeowner’s home as well as endanger the welfare of everyone living in it. Having proper ventilation in crawlspaces will be a cheaper way to prevent damages to a home, taking out expensive repairs and maintenance. Proper airflow might seem like a simple concept but it can sometimes be the difference between saving money and shelling out on repairs. Adequate subfloor ventilation also reduces the chances of occupants acquiring airborne diseases caused by a buildup of molds and fungi beneath the floors. Overall, proper subfloor venting is a far effective approach towards ensuring a home’s welfare and the people along with it.